Sexual Assault Or Harassment

US Males Are Learning To Be Allies To Women Who Faced Sexual Assault Or Harassment

For a long time, sexual harassment was considered to be an issue only meant for women. However, we need to understand that some victims of sexual harassment are also men or nonbinary.

Another reason that sexual harassment should not be considered a women-only issue is that it is like placing the burden of resolving a problem on the shoulders of the victim.

Primarily the perpetrators of sexual harassment are males, and the work of fixing this problem should be taken on by men.

Also remember that being an ally to a survivor can be dedicated, often painful and maybe even life-altering.

When you as a man want to be an ally to a victim of sexual assault or violence, it is not only the victim who has a story to tell. Instead, even the men who have never experienced or perpetrated sexual violence have stories to tell. These stories involve their thinking regarding the position of men and women in society. It needs reflection on what your family was like. What did you learn about rape, sexual harassment, and sexual violence both formally and informally?

For every survivor of sexual violence or harassment, many don't reveal themselves. You need to understand that not only should you laud the women and men who have come out with their stories of sexual harassment, but also those who are silently bearing the burden. Many have been shamed for telling their stories although it was none of their faults. All it needs for you to do to support a survivor is to show that you care. There are many stories of survivors on social sites, and you can send them a message of support and appreciation for their bravery. Also, remember never to push someone to tell more of the story than they are ready to share.