FAQs About Garage Door Repairs

newly repaired garage door installed

The garage is an important aspect of your home. It is where you park your car, do some repairs, store some stuff or even act like a sort of man cave from time to time. The garage is only as good as the garage door that keeps it safe from intruders and the elements. Like any homeowner, you may have some questions and concerning garage door repairs. If you find yourself in a situation where you’ll require some repairs, here are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How Much Does Garage Door Repairs Cost?

Before you even go to that, check first if your garage door is still under warranty. Normally if you bought it from a reputable provider then there should be a warranty that covers repair and you might not have to spend a single cent. If in case it is no longer under warranty then the average price for repairing a garage door is around $230. Depending on the degree of repair and parts needed, you should expect to pay somewhere between a $150 to around $300 ++. If you have a high-end type of door or a complicated style of door, repairs can easily go up.

How Much To Replace Garage Door Wheels?

testing a newly repaired garage door
The prices on wheels vary depending on the kind you purchase. There are 10-packs that will cost you around $15 to $18. Purchasing them in packs of two will cost somewhere around $5 to $9. Higher quality wheels will of course cost higher. Keep in mind that prices do not always indicate quality. Do check the reviews first to be sure.

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Garage Door Springs Repaired?

Normally, the prices for springs do not vary much. On a national average, the cost to replace garage door springs is around $180. Add an additional $20 more if you want to get the high-end version. Cheap spring repair is around a hundred dollars. Most of the cost to repair springs is for labor, as buying the springs on your own will only set you back twenty to thirty dollars.

How Much To Get A New Garage Door?

There are times when repairs are not enough to get your door back in proper working order. If the solution is to replace the door, the price range will be around a thousand dollars. Expect to pay somewhere between seven hundred to around $1500 depending on the type of door. Low-end cost is around $300. The high-end doors are around $2,000. If you require two or more, then double the price.

How Much For Garage Door Cable Replacement?

When your garage door is somewhat more problematic lately, chances are you have broken cables as the culprit. Normally, cables are pretty cheap. However, like garage door springs, the brunt of the cost goes to payment for labor charges. The average cost is somewhere from $150 to $200.

Handyman doing some garage door repairsMaintaining a garage door is easy. It is better to have it checked on a regular basis by a reputable garage door repair company like Garage Door Plus in order to ensure that everything is in good order as well as to allay expensive replacement costs in the long run.