Best Bathroom Remodeling Tile Recommendations

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, the tiles can make or break the planned upgrade. Choose the right tiles and you will have a swanky bathroom that you want to spend time in, choose the wrong one and it may just look like a public rest room for lack of a better description. You do not want that. Luckily, bathroom tiles come in an array of materials ranging from ceramic, porcelain and vinyl to name a few. Here is a quick guide to help you know which type is best for your home.

Bathroom Remodeling Tile Recommendation #1 Vinyl

Vinyl tiles are great bathroom remodeling material

This is probably the most popular bathroom material today because not only is it cheap but also offers a high sense of practicality. It suits most every bathroom in the house be it a master bathroom or a powder room. Vinyl hands down often beats other popular choices for bathroom remodeling in terms of comfort, durability and safety. It is interesting to note that vinyl has a come a long way in terms of aesthetic appeal and convenience of installation. It comes as a self-adhering product that can be simply cut using a utility knife.

Bathroom Remodeling Tile Recommendation #2 Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

Ceramic are a bit expensive but long lasting for bathroom remodeling

When it comes to looks, nothing comes near to what porcelain and ceramic tile can do for your bathroom remodeling project. Whether you like the look of stone or wood, different bright colors or intricate patterns, these two materials are top-notch choices.   Ceramic tile is also low maintenance but not quite as comfortable to bare feet if compared to vinyl. If you have the budget to install radiant floor heating then this will not be an issue. Either way, a hard surface remains hard regardless if its warm or not.

Ceramic tile requires professional installation. If protected with a high-grade glaze, it can withstand wear and tear. Porcelain on the other hand is harder than clay-based tiles and may feature through bod color. This is an advantage if there is chipping.

Bathroom Remodeling Tile Recommendation #3 Plastic Laminate Tile

Another great alternate for bathroom remodeling is plastic laminate

Also known as planks they are also a good choice for people that want to remodel their bathrooms. The material has a similarity to material used on kitchen countertops. Interestingly, the tile does not significantly increase the height of the floor. Thereby, making it easy to plan transitions for different rooms.

While it is quite easy to clean, it does fall short when it comes to moisture exposure. For instance, standing water can penetrate the fiberboard core resulting to expansion and buckling.