Bathroom Renovations Recommendations

a nice Moroccan tile bathroom renovationAside from the kitchen, the bathroom renovations are on the top things that homeowners choose to do. The main reason why it is chosen a lot is because there is little space involved which means a lesser cost to remodel. If you are thinking of giving your bathroom a facelift, here are some bathroom renovation recommendations by Ironwood Custom Builders you can take to the bank.

Flooring Bathroom Renovations Recommendations

Bathroom renovations can increase the value of your homeAvoid wood floors, as these are not the best material for bathroom renovations from a practical standpoint. Go with tile as these do best against exposure to water. If you insist on using wood then it should be sealed and stained properly to make it durable enough for normal bathroom usage.

Lighting Bathroom Renovations Recommendations

It is quite an irony that a space where people usually look in the mirror do not always have the best lighting. Usual bathroom renovations lighting is focused only on one spot and it is typically the ceiling fixture. If you have a vanity, consider installing additional lighting around the bathroom mirror by using sconces.

Fixtures and Color Bathroom Renovations Recommendations

It is recommended by Youtube for Ironwood Custom Builders to use white or cream colored fixtures for the toilet and bathtub. Colored fixtures tend to become outdated every few years and while you can remove the toilet and replace it with a new one, why would you? If it is not broken.


To achieve an older more classic look consider built-ins like recessed toilet roll holders, soap dishes and medicine cabinets.

Dim Lighting Bathroom Renovations Recommendations

You can set the mood for the bathroom with a simple addition of a dimmer switch to lower the light. This is perfect if you want to have peaceful, relaxing baths without having to suffer the glare of a typical bathroom light.

Decorative Pieces

accessories as bathroom renovationsIf there is enough space available, you can add a freestanding piece like a decorative chair or cupboard. The decorative piece can have some functional purpose like a place to store your towels, soaps and other small items.


Mirrors are not merely fixtures for checking the face and hair but can also be an important design element that can serve to expand the look of the room and add more light too. Try adding a second mirror on top of the primary one above your bathroom sink.

Position of the Toilet

It is not recommended to have the toilet positioned facing the door. It should be placed at least 90 degrees to the door or if possible several feet away from it.